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For the last 16 years I have studied and become fascinated with the positive effects of the  “Autogenics” guided meditation technique; a simple, self help method that promotes wellness and relaxation, reduces stress and restores emotional and physical wellbeing; discouraging illness and even shortening the course of a disease.

The Autogenic Technique was developed circa 1915 by the German neurologist & psychologist, Johannes Schultz. Practised regularly, autogenic exercises can have a hugely beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system and therefore all the organs of the body. This simple technique can dramatically help relieve a wide range of problems caused by stress or nervous tension, such as palpitations, sleep difficulties, nervousness, stress, headaches, psychosomatic illness and chronic pain. Because stress can have such a negative impact on the body's immune defences, autogenic training can also strengthen the immune function immeasurably.


Download my guided Autogenic Meditation CD "Journey to Sabharata" (in English) and "Viaje A Sabharata" (in Spanish) with beautiful music by former 'Chicago' lead guitarist Chris Pinnick by clicking on the images below

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