Welcome to YogaGuernsey!
Welcome to YogaGuernsey!

clients say...

"...in March 2015, I had the chance to meet Roberta during a one-week retreat at the Villa Sumaya retreat centre in Panajachel, Guatemala. Over the course of 7 days, I took 3 one-on-one yoga classes with her. I liked her style of teaching. Her classes are Hatha based and she was able to adapt the class to my level of energy and ability. As a teacher, she was very kind, open-minded and attentive to my needs..."


"...one thing I really enjoyed is the guided meditation at the end of each class where I would lie on the mat and listen to Roberta’s voice transport me into a deep meditation state. I still recall how calm and at peace I felt after each session. I felt renewed by this experience and some of the things she said really resonated with me at the time. This added much value to her classes...."


"...in addition to the yoga classes, I also had the opportunity to receive life coaching from Roberta. I was going through a life transition at the time and needed to talk to someone to get clarity. Roberta was very easy to talk to. She put me at ease right away and listened very carefully to my story. She had a way of probing and questioning which didn’t feel intrusive. Her years of personal and professional experience and her natural ability to be present make her an excellent coach. She was able to make me see my situation in a different light than before. She suggested a few things I could do when I returned home and encouraged me to stay in touch with her about my progress. Roberta helped me realize that I was stuck and I needed to explore things from a different angle. Most importantly, she reaffirmed that I didn’t need to solve everything right away but rather let things fall into place...."


"I am very grateful I met Roberta and, based on my experience, I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor and life coach..."


"...I was on a journey to reflect, become centered, and seek personal guidance and Roberta was the resort’s designated yoga/life coach instructor with whom I was paired. Extremely aware of the mind-body connection, Roberta welcomed me with genuine warmth, which immediately put me at ease.  Each day, she gently guided me through poses that felt specifically catered to my particular needs – always focusing on each move with skillful direction.  Following yoga, she encouraged further relaxation with deep breathing and insightful thinking.  Her calming voice and clear understanding of meditative guidance allowed for a very therapeutic experience..."


"...Roberta  offered sound advice and insight to my life’s goals and aspirations.  Her personal experiences and trainings served as the foundation for discussion - always feeling like a comforting conversation with a long-time friend.  Because of this, each day I walked away feeling one-step closer to being a better version of myself..."


"...Roberta is undoubtedly a very unique, dedicated and loving practitioner who cares deeply for anyone and everyone who crosses her path. She is one of those people you encounter who you will never forget.  Remembering her calming voice, the poses she guided me through, and her practical words of wisdom have kept me at peace upon my return to the fast paced world of New York City..."


I highly recommend Roberta Lemon to anyone seeking a top-notch yoga, meditation and/or life coach instructor.  She is a gem of a person and the world is a better place because of her.

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Salute to the Sun 
"You, who are the Source of all Power,
Who's rays illuminate the whole World,
Illuminate also my heart,
So that it too, may do your work"
Ancient Book of Runes 



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with Roberta Lemon, B.S.Y.A.(C.I.)



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