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Autogenic Meditation


For the last 20 years I have studied and become fascinated with the positive effects of the  “Autogenics” guided meditation technique; a simple, self help method that promotes wellness and relaxation, reduces stress and restores emotional and physical wellbeing; discouraging illness and even shortening the course of a disease.


The Autogenic Technique was developed circa 1915 by the German neurologist & psychologist, Johannes Schultz. Practised regularly, autogenic exercises can have a hugely beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system and therefore all the organs of the body. This simple technique can dramatically help relieve a wide range of problems caused by stress or nervous tension, such as palpitations, sleep difficulties, nervousness, stress, headaches, psychosomatic illness and chronic pain. Because stress can have such a negative impact on the body's immune defences, autogenic training can also strengthen the immune function immeasurably.


Download my guided Autogenic Meditation CD "Journey to Sabharata" (in English) and "Viaje A Sabharata" (in Spanish) with beautiful music by former 'Chicago' lead guitarist Chris Pinnick by clicking on the images below

The meditation in the above free video is 29 minutes long and I recommend using headphones and an eye pillow for best results!

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Salute to the Sun 
"You, who are the Source of all Power,
Who's rays illuminate the whole World,
Illuminate also my heart,
So that it too, may do your work"
Ancient Book of Runes 



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