Welcome to YogaGuernsey!
Welcome to YogaGuernsey!

la bodega, guernsey

I am delighted to introduce La Bodega Guernsey, my new range of beautiful, hand beaded, woven and embroidered bags and jewellery. All the products are of the highest quality, made by some of the most incredibly gifted women of Guatemala, Central America.


I am dedicated to not only introducing our Guernsey community to these spectacular works of art, but also to supporting these wonderful women and helping to spread their work across the globe. My daughter, Sundara, insisted that she should have her own line for kids! So below is what we are starting with, with much more to follow!


Enjoy! Feel free to email us for an appointment on Guernsey 07911 747183, for finest quality, hand woven and embroidered bags and purses made in Guatemala. Also, beautiful Crystal and silver jewellery hand made in Guatemala.

Hand woven circular bags £30
Hand woven, beautifully made weekender bags, lightweight, cabin size with suede trim £125
Beautiful hand beaded hair clasps with wooden stick £25
Crystal and silver, hand made earrings £20
Round, hand made crystal earrings in various colours £20
Sundara's Line of Jewelery and bags for Kids (shown) Friendship Bracelets £3
Iguana beaded bracelets £12
Handwoven small bags £8
Hand beaded stuffed turtle key ring (various other designs available) £10

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07911 747183


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Salute to the Sun 
"You, who are the Source of all Power,
Who's rays illuminate the whole World,
Illuminate also my heart,
So that it too, may do your work"
Ancient Book of Runes 



in the Channel Islands


with Roberta Lemon, B.S.Y.A.(C.I.)



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